My Mission

"To show you moments that you never even knew you needed to see"

Hey there, I am Cindy! I hate to sound the voice of Instagram, but nature truly is my happy place. I live for tiny humans, poetic moments, epic adventures, capturing this season of your life, and above all else, FAMILY.

Enough about me; let’s talk about you. I am guessing you have a thousand plates spinning in the air at once, and you are managing them better than you think. You are still in the midst of sleepless nights but spring into action every morning (even on those mornings when all you want to pull the blankets back over your head. Oh man, we’ve all been there!) Somehow though, I’m guessing you still believe there is an unfathomable blessing and imperfect beauty in Motherhood. Sometimes it’s hard to see it. But I hope you’ll take the time to let me show it to you. Don’t let the years slip by because the process feels too overwhelming. After all, I got you every step of the way! Easy, breezy, lemon squeezing. WTH, I think Carol Brady just channeled herself through me!

Still dying to know more about me, lol. Well, then, let me indulge you.

My Story

 So basically I’m just a mom with a SpongeBob Square Pants figure. No, really, but who cares! I’m one cat away from being a crazy old cat lady.  My favorite article of clothing is a pair of old grey sweatpants, and yes, you can plan on seeing me in them. I hate shopping for myself, but I love shopping for you and coming up with just the right outfits for your family. I need nature in my life. It cleanses my soul, rejuvenates, inspires me, and love I sharing my special places with my families. I crack myself up; I am a knee-slapping, scone-eating lover of words and family traditions.  One of the best things about photographing families is all the hugs I get, and it melts my heart to hear the moments we captured together brought you to tears. Because then I know we did it right.