my mission - my why

My why comes from a place deep within my heart. As I reflect on the photographs of my life I am struck by the absence of truly meaningful images of me and my babies (now grown men).I long for beautiful images that capture the profound bond between a mother and child, brimming with raw emotion that define such a deep love. It is this overwhelming sense of nostalgia that ignites my art and fuels my passion for creating emotive motherhood portraits.

My sole intention is to present you with photographs imbued with poetry and all the feels. Photographs for your family that will serve as a timeless testament to the love that binds you. 

Every family deserves a session like this at least once in their life and every child deserves to have photos like this to cherish for a lifetime.

My Story

Hi, I am Cindy! I live for tiny humans, poetic moments, laughter, epic adventures, capturing this season of your life, and above all else, FAMILY. Family is my true north. There’s nothing I love more than being together with my family or yours, lol!

I hate to sound the voice of Instagram, but nature truly is my happy place. It set my soul on fire. It is rejuvenating, grounding and a huge inspiration in my work. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite places with you!

Still dying to know more about me, haha? Well, basically I’m just a mom with a SpongeBob Square Pants figure who is a terrible texter (thank you autocorrect!) Seriously! I’m one cat away from being a crazy old cat lady, My feelings run deep.  My favorite clothing item is a pair of old grey sweatpants; yes, you can plan on seeing me in them. I crack myself up;  I am a sentimental soul, a knee-slapping, scone-eating lover of words, and family traditions.

I hate shopping for myself, but I love shopping for you and coming up with just the right outfits for your family.  One of the best things about photographing families is all the hugs I get, and it melts my heart to hear the moments we captured together bring you to tears.  

I hope we have the chance to meet and capture beautiful moments together.  I guarantee that whatever we create it will be full of heart, poetry, beautiful imperfections, and the honest beauty of this season of your life.

Sacramento Family Photography & Videography