My Mission

"To show you moments that you never even knew you needed to see"

As a mom who went from a teeny-tiny size 1 BC (before children) to love handles galore, here are the greatest truths I can speak; 

You are the most important and beautiful creature your child has ever known.
Your babies don’t care about your damn pant size!
You have to take time for the things that matter most.

If you’re like me, that’s family So, stop waiting for perfect. Give your children one of the greatest gifts of all; images of YOU with THEM, together The longer you wait, the more you’re missing. I can tell you, being the youngest out of six kids, I used to beg my mom to get the family pictures down, and was always disappointed that there weren’t as many of me. As I got older, I was disappointed that I didn’t have more photos of me with my mom. As a mom with grown children, I am disappointed that even though I have a hundred trillion “Say cheese photos,” I don’t have ones that show the beautiful connection between my kids and me. I know it’s there, but I wish I had photos of us, beautiful moments from when they were little, that documented the fierce love I have for them. My heart yearns for that. Living proof that the life we shared was rich with love. That they, my kids, we’re (are) loved with all my heart and soul. That’s what I want for you and yours. So, throw aside your self-doubt, get out of your own way, and let’s do this! 

My Story

 Hi, I’m Cindy, just a mom with a SpongeBob Square Pants figure. No, really, but who cares! I’m one cat away from being a crazy old cat lady. My happy place is with my family or yours, dreaming of epic adventures in beautiful places. My favorite article of clothing is a pair of old grey sweatpants, and yes, you can plan on seeing me in them. I hate shopping for myself, but I love shopping for you and coming up with just the right outfits for your family. I crack myself up; I am a knee-slapping, scone-eating lover of words and family traditions. One of the best things about photographing families is all the hugs I get, and it melts my heart to hear the moments we captured together brought you to tears. Because then I know we did it right.


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