Little Warriors Gift Sessions

At times, I wondered what my purpose in life was, especially after my own boys became more independent. It was a huge shift in my life, and I struggled to find my purpose, but through photography, I found it. I have been given the ability to capture life memories, freeze moments in time, and preserve family stories. What an amazing gift to have, and I can’t think of a better purpose for it than to share the Gift of Memories with these little warriors and their families.

Whenever a family chooses me as their photographer, I am always honored, but doing Little and Teen Warrior Gift Sessions is a special honor. It fills my heart and adds purpose to my life.

These families have a special place in my heart. There is absolutely no cost to any of these Warrior Families. They will receive 10 heirloom professional prints (along with the digital copies), plus all the love and attention I give to my families. Ok, ok, maybe even a tiny bit more. We will start with a consultation and talk about locations, wardrobe, timing… Please don’t worry about the what if’s; I totally understand that having a child with cancer can make life very unpredictable.

If you are one of these families, then you know the struggle. You know your family is going in all directions, and it is as hard to get time together as it is to seemingly have an ordinary day. My idea is to give you something to look forward to and reflect on. My hope is to give you that day, or at least a few fleeting hours, where you can all be together, have fun, reconnect, share laughter, love, and make memories. I want to capture the whimsical world of childhood; the one cancer is trying to steal. I want to show the courage, love, and strength of your family’s bond. It may be hard to see it from where you’re standing now, but I know it’s there, and I want to capture it. So whether you have or know a child who is currently battling cancer, is in remission or has won the battle, I would love to hear from you.

“I just got the first glimpse of our gallery. I am in tears. Cindy captured my new little family so beautifully. She made our session so effortless & fun that we were able to relax and be ourselves. Cindy caught the most natural moments that were so special. Nothing was forced or posed, and because of that, the photos really capture “us” and feel so real. The photos she took are some that I’ll cherish forever.”
– Jillian Yagel