Videography FOR FAMILIES

I truly believe that kids love nothing more than seeing themselves in movies. Even long after your littles aren’t so little, They will enjoy being transported back in time to the sights and sounds of their childhood. I create family films that will bring you back home even long after your children are grown.

The Beautiful Gift of the Sights and Sounds of Childhood

What is a Family Film?

A FAMILY FILM is your window to the past. Crystal clear and beautiful, filled with all the love and craziness of your little crew. Family films are set to music, weaved with the sounds of your life, and full of inexplicable beauty. They are of your kids, of your heart, and will leave you longing for more.

There are countless days between the moment your first child is born until the day they leave the nest. There’s so much life you will want to remember between then and now. But through the crazy haze of parenthood and time, your yesterdays start to blur together. But what if you could press pause right now and replay those moments over and over again. Imagine what it would mean to you and to your little ones.

There’s so much more life than just the celebration of your wedding day, birthdays, and anniversaries. There’s all the in-between life that is just as important. Those are the moments I want to help you remember. Things like the sound of their tiny voices calling your name, the giggles ringing through the air, the way they squeezed you tight. I want them to remember the warmth of your hug, the way you held them, the favorite things you played together, and how you rocked them to sleep. I want to document it all because those tiny details that your heart loves about them now will change faster than you can imagine. No matter how tight you hold on to them, they will slip away. So let’s capture this season of your life before it’s gone. Let’s chat! 

Film Videographer for Family