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Wait, don’t go yet! I already know what you’re thinking. “These photos are gorgeous, and oh my, the feels! But I could never pull this off. Where do you even find outfits like that? I still have five pounds to lose, there’s too much chaos in my life, and I don’t have time to shop…” But, guess what, those are the exact reasons to come to me.

You’ve been working so hard trying to be the perfect parent that you haven’t even had time to slow down and see how beautiful this chaotic life truly is. But I can give you that. You don’t have to do this alone. We will not only create the beautiful heirloom portraits your family deserves, but we will also have a blast and make unforgettable memories doing it.


As a mom who went from a teeny-tiny size 1 BC (before children) to love handles galore, here are the greatest truths I can speak;

  • You are the most important and beautiful creature your child has ever known.
  • Your babies don’t care about your damn pant size!
  • You have to take time for the things that matter most.                

If you’re like me, that’s family So, stop waiting for perfect. Give your children one of the greatest gifts of all; images of YOU with THEM, together The longer you wait, the more you’re missing.

You may have a thousand photos on your phone, but are you in them?  Do they show the deep bond you share? Are they full of love, beauty, and poetry, because that is what I can give you. That is I want to show you.  Living proof that the life you share is full of love. Do this for your kids so they will always know you loved them with all your heart and soul.

Being photographed is an intimate experience, but working with me is like slipping on an old comfy sweatshirt. We will discuss all the things from the session experience to styling, locations, and bringing your vision to life. By the time your session comes around, it will be like hanging out with a dear friend. One who cares deeply about documenting your family and creating purposeful art that illuminates its heart and soul. Together we will create a poetic masterpiece of light, love, and family.

Not an adventurer? That’s ok; I still gotcha covered. Sign-up for my session guide,  The Nostalgic Heart Experience and learn about all the other cool stuff we can do1..

“I am in tears, these are soooo beautiful! Thank you for creating such magic for us… and that spot – just WOW! Our session was breathtaking. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so incredibly talented and we had such a wonderful time!” – Brittney Norris

Sacramento Family Photographer & Family Films

Family Photography, a mother holds baby close before a beach sunset
Family Videography, a father holds his daughter in a green field at dusk
Family Photography, Mom, dad, and older sister tend to two babies, the cat is on the bed with them
“I am in tears, these are soooo beautiful! Thank you for creating such magic for us… and that spot – just WOW! Our session was breathtaking. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so incredibly talented and we had such a wonderful time!” – Brittney Norris

"I love you without any notion of what love is or what love means to love, but it comes as easy as a breath" - Atticus


Family Videographer, a boy sits on some driftwood near the sea
Family Photographer, a dad and two children stand on a hillside with a lake before them

“Such a unique and wonderful experience! I loved the guidance in picking outfits, the research of a gorgeous location and her willingness to work with my crazy family of 5 young children. I’m pretty sure this is the first time my kids had fun at a photo shoot. I’m not sure how she did it, but Cindy captured my family so well. She created works of art that I will cherish forever!” – Stacy McEwan 


To me, photography is about more than just snapping a picture; it’s about investing in memories. Memories that take you back in time to the places and people you love most. Photographs, like love poems; living proof that the life you share is filled with love. Whether you’re  longing for a beautiful adventure or home is where your heart is, I hope to uncover the poetry in your story and show you moments you didn’t even know you needed to see..  

“Love, Love, Love the photos!! And OMG… I am in tears, I absolutely love the video!! It’s perfect and I will cherish these memories. So thankful for Cindy, she captured all our chaos and love beautifully. I know I will miss this & I know how fast time goes and I never want to forget the crazy rock jumps and sandy feet!”  -Vanessa Olsen

Family photographer, baby and older sister sit in the sand near the water's edge
Family Photography, a mother and father stand near the lakeshore with two children


Human connection lies at the heart of my work, so give me a call, and let’s talk. Tell me what’s in your heart, so I can show you what I see. 

Family Photographer & Videographer in the Sacramento area

Family Photographer, a dad embraces his daughter outdoors

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